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Couple of times per year, we see this...
No damage so far :)
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For the guests visiting us from the 17/09 to 24/09 :
Happy chum ben !
This is one of the most important spiritual week for khmer people: one week to please and help the ancestor's spirits stuck in the limbs, even more important to khmers than the new year eve (kind of toussaint for french), they all have to get back to the family and prey for ancestors spirits.
Wich lead to: our kitchen will be closed for that period, Chris will be here and do bar/accomodation, while Yves will be in france for hollidays (that's me :) ), and all our khmer staff are on holliday.
Our neighbours's kitchen will still be open, we will only assure bar and accomodation.
We wish a happy chum ben to our staff, a happy and quiet beach to our guests (sihanoukville will be a mess for a week.. Enjoy sunset beach ! )
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I need a break, so we are hiring bartenders/managers:
It can be volunteering, but we know that it should a be paid job, so we provide free food , accommodation , and salary.
We do have a team of locals who know their job (if you are , or can speak khmer, better !), if you can work with ? and communicate with our khmer staff: good ! Lahaow !
If not , be prepared for a mix of french/khmer/english.
We already have trained and well payed staff, they do not speak english, the problem is that they forget the "barang" way of doing things if nobody reminds them, but they do work well !
What we need is the "barang" manager (does not HAVE to be western) to make sure they remember why and how we are in the top 3, we need someone to keep us there , while i/we (my bother) take a break before December high season..
We could do with our staff only, but we would not be the number 3 in December anymore, we do not expect to be better than monkey stuff or the one resort, just staying sleeping trees in the ranks would be good for us :)
Help us to keep the place clean, up to our standards ,work with one of the crazy french bothers !
It can end in a long term situation, we do provide good lifestyle and salary, we are living on sunset beach !

Ps: comments with "is this job still available ?" And NOTHING else...
Well ,we would hire anybody, maybe, but come one...
We are speaking of western speaking job/salary (cambodian western salary) ..if you can't send a resume via facebook...
Salary is 250$ per month at the moment, we're open to discussion, it is for manager/bartender with free food and acco, work more than cooking girls and the salary rise ( they should learn english, but it seems that their smile is enough.. :), unless you teach them !
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